GR-2000 GR-Series Pure Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Machine

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Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
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External Dimension:
Output Flow:
Input Power:
Power Consumption:
Delivery Pressure:
Capacity of Internal Water Tank:
Water Quality Requirement:
Pure Water
Ambient Temperature:
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Packaging Details
1.Wooden Case which can use for export.
2.package Size:57*77*122cm
3.Shipment. We can ship by sea,air ,TNT,DHL,UPS.
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10 working days after receive the payment

I. Working principle 


The advanced "PEM" (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology is applied to this engine cleaning machine, which generates the high purity hydrogen by electrolyzing the pure water. Under the ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure, the hydrogen is conveyed directly into the combustion chamber of the operational engine, in which, the hydrogen is converted into hydrogen ions burning with the carbon deposit and oil sludge to generate carbon dioxide and water, so as to remove the carbon deposit effectively and clean the engine as well. Below is the chemical equation in the combustion chamber:


The hydrogen is converted into hydrogen ions in a certain condition   H2→2H+

The high activated hydrogen ions combined with carbon deposit and oil sludge in the combustion chamber are converted into carbon dioxide and water which is discharged with the car exhaust:




 II. Features

The advanced “PEM” technology is applied to this machine which electrolyzes pure water to generate 99.99% purity hydrogen, and controlled by microcomputer, neither backfire nor explosion is occurred. This safe and reliable machine is the best one for cleaning car engine.


Key Features

  • Microcomputer control system that enables automatic operation;

  • Intellectual control to detect the engine stop


Easy and Safe Operation

  • Controlled by microcomputer and automatic operation that is reliable, stable and safe;

  • Without any catalyst, only pure water (secondary distilled water) is needed to generate gas under atmospheric pressure;

  • Directly connect to the intake manifold of the engine without dismantling the engine,;

  • Unnecessary to replace the grease or grease seal, and zero cost of replacing consumables or dismantling parts.

  • Safe and efficient maintenance, only need to change drying agent which can be recycled 



The operation time is varied depending on different car engine:

  • 40 minutes for >2000cc;

  • 20 minutes for ≤2000cc



Only fill with pure water (secondary distilled water). Water consumption ≤90ml/h. Power consumption ≤ 0.6KWh each time



After using our machine to clear the carbon deposit and oil dirt in the car engine, the horsepower will be increased and the oil consumption will be reduced. It brings you a comfortable driving experience.


Green and Environmental protection

  • After cleaning carbon deposit in the engine, the waste gas emission and the environmental pollution is reduced.

  • No reagent is needed and no pollution to the environment. Protect the operator’s health.

CE-Certificated,and we can change the color of machine according to your requirements.

Operation Procedure


Step 1.


Insert the hydrogen output pipe into the intake manifold of engine




Step 2.

                                       Clip the electrodes at the battery in the car. When the engine stops, the cleaning machine will shut off automatically so as to protect the     engine.



Step 3.     

Start the engine idling. The engine cleaning machine can stop automatically and alarm as soon as the completion of carbon removing.


 Step 4.                                          


                   Connect the power and press the power-on button on the machine.


Step 5.


Press menu button till time setting, then it works. Please select suitable      time of carbon removing according to car emission. Take GR-2000cc for the example:

Set 40 minutes for 2000cc above; Set 20 minutes for 2000cc below.